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Hydraulic Unit Case Study

G Save Your Business Thousands of Dollars by Monitoring Hydraulic Units with Caddis: A Case Study of LeClaire Manufacturing Hydraulic Units By Chris Moore, Vice President Marketing, LCM2M CLIENT LeClaire Manufacturing PRIMARY EQUIPMENT Hydraulic Molding Machines DOMESTIC PRODUCTION FACILITY Bettendorf, Iowa PRIMARY INDUSTRIES SERVED Agriculture, Transportation, Medical, Marine, Railroad, Military   CHALLENGES TRYING TO SOLVE […]

Air Compressor Monitoring

Caddis Systems provides the perfect peace of mind to those businesses that rely on air compressors to perform a critical function for their business. Caddis has multiple inputs allowing it to automatically detect machine status.   Temperature monitoring allows the user to control process parameters or monitor machine health while analog input is user-configurable. All […]

Conveyor Monitoring

Caddis Systems is the perfect solution for companies that depend on their conveyors to efficiently run their business. If it’s critical that you know your conveyor speeds to track production as well as track cycles or revolutions then Caddis is a cost-effective solution to putting this data in front of you. From mining to packaging […]

Preventative Maintenance

Caddis Systems is the perfect system to ensure your business avoids unplanned downtime by using data to address potential problems prior to machine failure. Caddis comes equipped with discrete inputs and a type-k thermocouple port out of the box while the 0-10v analog input allows for a variety of off the shelf sensors to be […]

Remote Facility and Warehouse Monitoring

  If you need to monitor the HVAC systems, boilers, air compressors, and any other piece of equipment at large warehouses or storage facilities, Caddis is the perfect monitoring system. Caddis connects directly to these machines to allow you a view of one facility or an entire network of facilities. You will have real-time data […]

Work Place Distractions

10 Workplace Distractions And How to Manage As we slowly transition back to our offices and “new normal”, we’ll need to once again get used to working around and with other people. We were finally getting into the groove of working from home and managing our pet, kids, and spouse distractions, and now we are […]

Tips For Successfully Working From Home

    Have a routine. Get up and get going. Take that shower, do your workout, and get dressed for work! It’s so tempting to stay in your sweat pants and just roll out of bed to your laptop. Trust me when I say you’ll feel better, be more productive, and have more energy if you stick with […]

Who is CADDIS?

Caddis Systems evolved out of necessity. The system’s concept was hatched to become a leading innovator in machine monitoring and utilization. We observed a growing need for real-time data monitoring to help businesses collect quality data to increase productivity. The “old” model of machine monitoring is dependent upon human and manual observations, which creates a […]

Machine Preventative Maintenance

 The Caddis device is capturing each machine cycle, as well as sending temperature data with alarms set “on” to send text/email if the temperature exceeds 140 degrees. The devices that are attached to the machines, and sending this data, are very robust, easy to integrate, and easy to scale throughout a facility which may have […]