Machine Preventative Maintenance

 The Caddis device is capturing each machine cycle, as well as sending temperature data with alarms set “on” to send text/email if the temperature exceeds 140 degrees. The devices that are attached to the machines, and sending this data, are very robust, easy to integrate, and easy to scale throughout a facility which may have a variety of types/vintages of machines. 

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Will the Coronavirus Impact Your Business?

The Coronavirus outbreak could impact more than just health. It has the potential to impact global economics and manufacturing worldwide. North America and Chinese business manufacturing are undeniably connected. Now, with China and the world shutting down factories, we will see an impact on business and manufacturing in the US.


Global Business

The Question? How does Coronavirus impact global manufacturing and business?  The answer is… quarantine.

According to The Wall Street Journal “Even manufactured items with a very marginal quantity of Chinese content will be affected as production is halted, and the increasing complexity of products means replacing specialized manufacturers is difficult.”


Overall production has the potential to slow, even if just a small part of the product is manufactured in China. This could cause disruption in US manufacturing because specialized parts, ingredients, or materials imported from China could be paused, or completed halted. The results of this could be huge.


Check out The WSJ article on the Coronavirus Impact on Business for more info on how this may impact global manufacturing.

Holiday Machine Monitoring

With the holidays upon us and staff schedules changing, it’s very important your production environment remains efficient. With the Caddis Machine Monitoring System, you have the ability to monitor one machine, one department or your entire operation from any device. Everyone needs a vacation to recharge and spend quality time with friends and family so spending time in front of any screen for extended periods of time kind of defeats the purpose of a vacation. Caddis gives you the ability to quickly view your machine up-time dashboard while relaxing on a warm beach or sitting in front of a toasty fire. Knowing that your machines are running will give you the reassurance you need to fully enjoy a much deserved vacation.

Caddis Machine Monitoring

Holiday Up-time Monitoring

Measuring Machine Up-time by Measuring Conveyor Speed

Monitoring a machine’s up-time can be extremely valuable data when analyzing the overall utilization of your production environment. However, this can be extremely difficult when your machine is technically running all day but at different rates . CADDIS Systems recently encountered this hurdle while working with a packaging company in Wisconsin. Our customer is a leader in creating all types of packaging such as corrugated, honeycomb and other specialty packaging products. Our customer had a number of conveyors throughout their numerous facilities that ran from the beginning of the day until the end of the day without stopping. Our customer was interested in better understanding machine up- hashtagconveyors hashtagproduction time as well as the speed of the machine. By leveraging the analog input built into the Caddis device, we were able to transform the output signal from the existing VFD (variable frequency drive) driving the conveyor into a ft/min metric that could then be monitored to finally give this company the data they needed to increase their productivity and operations management. This is one example of how CADDIS Systems stands behind its message of being able to monitor Any Machine, Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device.

CADDIS Case Study – Jim Cole – Production Manager

Jim Cole is a Production Manager with LeClaire Manufacturing and has been utilizing the CADDIS device for the past two years. Jim currently has CADDIS monitoring  Permanent Mold, Sinto, CNC’s and Shot Blasting machines throughout his department.  CADDIS has helped Jim increase overall productivity and better manage  start times, cycle times, up-time and overall machine utilization.

CADDIS Machine Monitoring

Monitoring machines in aluminum casting foundry.